Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Engine ?

剛才在網上看到,一個頗出名的 Game Engine 「 Gamebryo 」,推出了新的版本,名為「 Gamebryo LIGHTSPEED 」( 名字很響亮呢 ) ,看過她的功能介紹後 ( 其實也真的頗充實的... :P ),突然興緻到來,想起一個問題,這個問題相信有很多人問過,或者很多人想知道:「 Game Engine 是甚麼? 」

今時今日要找答案,或溫故知新,當然是到 Wikipedia 看看了。在 Wiki 中看到 Game Engine 的定義說明,當中在 Overview 一項內一段比較有趣的說明:

Some game engines only provide real-time 3D rendering capabilities instead of the wide range of functionality required by games. These engines rely upon the game developer to implement the rest of this functionality or assemble it from other game middleware components. These types of engines are generally referred to as a "graphics engine," "rendering engine," or "3D engine" instead of the more encompassing term "game engine." However, this terminology is inconsistently used as many full-featured 3D game engines are referred to simply as "3D engines."

我回來看看,自己的 Ogng'3D 是不是一個 Game Engine?用 OGRE 作為 Rendering / Scene Management / Animation,用 IrrKlang 作為 Sound System,以 Newton Game Dynamics 為 Physics / Collision,及以 enet 為 Networking。

看來有一點點像 Game Engine,功能看上去也不錯,而且還切合 Cross Platform 需要 ( 部件都有 Windows、Linux 及 Mac OSX 平台支援 )。但跟據 Wiki 的說明,還要有 Scripting、A.I.、Memory Management、Streaming 及 Threading,看來距離 Game Engine 還有一段路要走。

怎說也好,最重要的:Happy Game Making


Test tube Monkey said...

Looks like an interesting engine. Did you send in an evaluation request? It seems like many developers are looking for a more robust game engine thats easy on the pocket.

Ngan Lo ( 顏佬 ) said...

I didn't send request, well... looks like I will keep develop my own engine :)

other game engine really inspire me, sometimes, like this one, the whole builder concept is really nice.

Test tube Monkey said...

programmer eh?. would it be possible to get you e-mail add i want to share my game design with you. i want to get an opinion from a programmer's point of view.

Ngan Lo ( 顏佬 ) said...

sure, you can email me at nganlo at g m a i l dot c o m